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My Story

When I asked my parents when I started to be interested in sports, their answer was “since you could walk. Once that started, there was no stopping you!”
At a very young age I fell in love with sports and moving my body. This love for movement has led me to be active in cycling, swimming, cross country, lifting, wrestling, fishing, hiking, mountaineering, and triathlons. With this love for sports I wanted to learn more about “HOW” the body allowed me to move. I studied at Western Washington University in Bellingham Washington. I graduated with a degree in Exercise Science and discovered I was good at helping people achieve fitness goals they never thought possible. This new found skill lead me to become a personal trainer and coach and I have been doing this profession for the last 18 years. I hold certification through ACSM-Exercise Physiologist, NSCA-CSCS, USAT, USA Cycling Level 1 Coach.

I learned at a young age you can never stop learning. There is always more to learn. I keep studying and attending CEC to keep my knowledge about endurance sports current. As a Coach, I enjoy working with every athlete. My motto is, if you have a body that moves, then let’s put it to use. If you are a beginner athlete or professional, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Thank you for your time…..And now give me 15 push-ups 🙂

Coach Michael Covey

Coach Michael Covey on Mt Elbert, CO 14,590ft

Coach Michael Covey on Mt Elbert, CO 14,590ft


Contact Information:
email: [email protected]
Cell: 425-770-8029