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Endurance Coaching

Welcome and Thank you for thinking about ultramcendurance as your source for endurance training and coaching.

You have finally made up your mind to get started with some kind of goal. It could be to train for a 5k run or try that silly thing called a triathlon. Maybe you goals are to climb a big peak or to get moving and make your body healthier. No matter what your goal is, you have already done the hard part….you decided you need to get moving.
So you are are excited to get started, but you are overwhelmed with where to start. Well, you have come to the right place. Coach Michael has been doing endurance sports his entire life….basically his Mom stated that he “popped” out running! This love for movement lead him to study in college. He Studied Exercise Physiology and Human Growth and Motor Development….Basically, those are fancy words that state he learned about how the body works and functions during exercise. In college is where is love for coaching began and it has led him to coaching for the last 18 years.
Coach Michael loves working will the true beginner all the way to the athlete looking to compete at a high level. No matter what your fitness level is, Coach Covey will make you the best, balanced athlete possible. Right now you might not believe you are an athlete…just wait! When Coach Michael is done with you, your mind will believe you can achieve anything! Coach Michael believes that you cant make someone or coach someone to do something that he has have not done. He has competed in every distance of triathlon from Sprint through Ironman. He competed in road cycling, swimming, and cross country running. He has climbed mountains as high at 20,000 feet, and he fell in love with ultra running…currently longest run is 50 miles …but soon will be working on the 100 mile…yippee!!
What is the next step you ask? You need a plan. Please read through your options in training plans and then contact Coach Michael to set up a phone call to discuss your goals and needs. He can be reached at [email protected]
I look forward to hearing from you and helping you set up a plan to achieve your goals.

Happy Training,
Coach Michael Covey